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Refinding my Center

You Create Your Own Calm by LaWhimsy

It’s been quite the start to this new year, let me tell you. Hectic, insane, off-schedule (despite attempts at a schedule), harried energies, colds, coughs, rough sleeping patterns, Nelly chewing through the vacuum-cleaner cord on Saturday and shocking the hell out of herself and me (it was terrifying and that is putting it mildly!!! Never fear, she is just fine and I’m getting there, sigh). Oh, none of it has been all that awful (shock aside!) however, I’ve found my mind whirling, my energies flagging, my anxiety senses heightened and my center off-balanced. Since Saturday’s ordeal, I’ve really felt the agitation in my core and I really want to get back to steady ground before things get out of hand.

themediatorbetweenheadandhandsmustbetheheartdonatellamuggianuPhoto by Donatella Muggianu

While I have a few ideas of how to attempt this (meditation, deep breathing, yoga) I think I am going to look into a few new techniques and exercises I can try. I’ll be sure to share them here so that anyone else feeling a bit overwhelmed and off-center can benefit – share and care alike, it’s a wonderful motto!

meditation by Andrew BanneckerMeditation by Andrew Bannecker

See you on the “Om” side!

Namaste ~ Ella

3 thoughts on “Refinding my Center”

  1. I need to reset! I feel uneasy and things are hectic. I need to find a way to feel centered and I feel like it will be a struggle. Did you find something that worked for you?

    1. I’ve found that the best way for me to start is to take a few minutes to sit still and just listen to myself breathe. I find my heart beat and just settle into it’s soothing rhythmic beat. The more you do this, the easier it will become and the more centered you’ll find yourself. It’s really more of a struggle when you think about becoming centered because it’s way too easy to over-think it (minds just love to do that, don’t they!). I hope that helps a little!

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