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Vivify Word Nerd via LaWhimsyVivify strikes me as a delightfully ideal word for January since it is the first month in a brand new year. The very air holds a sparklingly sort of vivified crispness to it. A new year, a new week, heck, even a new day can quite often vivify my spirits since it provides a fresh start and a blank canvas just waiting to be filled with untold promise.
vivify The beginning is always today quote via lawhimsyComing across the word vivify while deciding upon this week’s Word Nerd was actually quite a fortuitous happenstance considering my last post about re-finding my center. My very spirits have been in need of some vivifying and to come across the very word to describe it’s needs added a little bit of extra literary sparkle to my day (yeah, I can create and add sparkle to just about anything and that’s vivifying if I do say so myself – and I do, tee-hee!).
Vivify image by Frantisek Drtikol Phantasie 1930How do you vivify your spirits and the spirits of those around you?
Namaste ~ Ella

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