Falderal vintage soviet circus illustration by L Modina
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Word Nerd: Falderal

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Wonderland Falderal word nerd via lawhimsyFalderal is a charming, utterly delightful nonsensical word that has been around since at least the 1600s. Falderal is also known as falderol or folderol since, naturally,  a nonsensical, gibberish sort of word would have multiple spellings! Blithely saying “oh, falderal and fiddle-dee-dee” (a nod to Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella) while going about my day is always fun and busting out a “Falderal” in response to some trivial talk is amusing, to say the least.

Falderal vintage soviet circus illustration by L Modina via lawhimsyThink you could use falderal in your day-to-day?

Namaste ~ Ella

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