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Word Nerd: Berserk

Berserk is such a fun word to use - I mean saying one is going totally berserk just sounds awesome, though I suppose the reality may not be quite the same. Berserk even looks slightly frenzied in it's spelling and sounds it in it's pronunciation. Certainly, berserk is a rather simple word but it's one… Continue reading Word Nerd: Berserk

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Word Nerd: Epiphany

Epiphany is sudden revelation, usually a veritable"Ah-Ha" moment. Epiphany is also a Christian festival commemorating the visit of the three kings to the baby Jesus. It's one of the Christmas holidays, and one that I was well aware of in my childhood. That said, I've almost always associated the term epiphany with it's literary usage of… Continue reading Word Nerd: Epiphany

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Word Nerd: Iridescent

Iridescent is a word that really strikes my fancy, since lustrous iridescent delights can pop-up almost anywhere. From shiny oil patches on the road to bubbles, scales, feather, stones, and more. My own memories are filled with iridescent shimmers and I still love to spot a luminous, happy rainbow in unexpected places. Iridescent is also just… Continue reading Word Nerd: Iridescent

ravel nightmares from overknitting by LaWhimsy
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Word Nerd: Ravel

Ravel is a quirky and unique word since it can mean both tangle and untangle. How is this possible, you may be asking, well if you stop and think about knitting or sewing (or have had any experience with thread, rope, etc. at any time) you'll realize very quickly that tangling and untangling are never… Continue reading Word Nerd: Ravel

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Word Nerd: Aquiver

Aquiver,  now here's a lovely descriptive word...okay, so my month of vintage romance novel reading left something of an impression on me and aquiver is one of the words that I found repeated many a time (though since these were mostly Regency Romances from the 60's & 70's, aquiver was used in the most hilariously… Continue reading Word Nerd: Aquiver

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Word Nerd: Gambol

To gambol about is to frolic and cavort in a playful, totally in the moment sort of way. Gambol is a word much like balter - it's all about uninhibited, light-hearted movement, and don't we all need a lot more of that in our everyday lives! Children and animals tend to gambol by nature by… Continue reading Word Nerd: Gambol