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Word Nerd: Gambol

To gambol about is to frolic and cavort in a playful, totally in the moment sort of way. Gambol is a word much like balter - it's all about uninhibited, light-hearted movement, and don't we all need a lot more of that in our everyday lives! Children and animals tend to gambol by nature by… Continue reading Word Nerd: Gambol

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Word Nerd

Word Nerd : Bellitude

Bellitude is an extremely obscure word and one not many would happen upon - until now. I like the word bellitude and it makes me think of one of my favorite fairytale heroines - Beauty from Beauty and the Beast (though Belle from the Disney version is even more awesome!). Bellitude is an almost self-descriptive… Continue reading Word Nerd : Bellitude

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Earthday: Today and Every Day

Earthday is a day of celebration, love and showed devotion to this wonderful, diverse and universally shared planet that we all call Home. Various activities, showcases and events take place, awareness is raised and garnered and a great deal of nature merriment occurs everywhere one looks. It's all truly a fantastic thing! Yet, once April… Continue reading Earthday: Today and Every Day