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New Year Guide Words

Resolutions or Guide WordsI am absolutely adoring the trend I keep seeing pop-up of choosing to focus on a guiding or power word instead of making a list of new year’s resolutions. I will undoubtedly make a list of year-long goals anyway, but the word idea seems to have a certain alluring staying power and I feel it’ll help bring me back to a focal point when I’m feeling flustered about my goals, life, etc. To that end, I have decided upon two words for 2014 and they are Felicity and Kaleidoscope. I know, I know, felicity makes sense, but kaleidoscope?!? Whaaaat???? I shall explain…

guide wordFelicity was truly a no-brainer since it happened to be the first Word Nerd of the year. As I said in that post, not only is felicity a state of great happiness and joy, it’s a skillful faculty and a way to describe someone who is truly in-tune and one with themselves (Props to Urban Dictionary…though slang for a girl with large titties is not a definition I am willing to acknowledge, thankyouverymuch).  Finding and maintaining my center and a certain state of pure contentment, even when all is not ideal, is a constant goal and one I plan on continuing to pursue in earnest this year. I have a lot of hurt, anger, upsets, anxieties, worries, fears, etc. that I want to let go of and it takes effort, but is it ever worth it when I have those “Ah-Ha” moments of clarity!

Kaleidoscope ReflectionKaleidoscope, for me, goes hand-in-hand with felicity, since a kaleidoscope is an ever changing, multifaceted set of complex patterns, colors, ideas and reflections and what better way to describe one’s very mind and soul? We are but reflections of our reactions to the constantly shifting world around us and even though that can sound scary and even a bit bleak, we have to remember that the one thing we have real and true control over is our reactions. We create ourselves, we form our thoughts, we choose our actions and thus we form our reflections, or our own soul’s kaleidoscope. Naturally, there will always be outside influences and forces and we all have our own inner demons and fragile damages, but ultimately we are in-control of our souls as they have this oh, so human experience. So shift, change, reflect and own yourself and know that it can be as great as you want it to be. That’s why I chose kaleidoscope (well, that and I now know how to spell it perfectly, hehe).

What do you think of choosing a guiding or focus word instead of making resolutions? If you’ve gone the one word route, what word did you choose and why?

Here’s to a happy new week!

Namaste ~ Ella




4 thoughts on “New Year Guide Words”

  1. This is such a gorgeous idea Ella – I LOVE your choice of words. I think you’re going to have a fabulous 2014! 🙂 I think my words for this year are “holiday” and “radiant.” xxxx

    1. Holiday and Radiant are perfect quaintrelle words, Caroline! Here’s to an absolutely fabulous 2014 all around! 🙂

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