Seahorse Kitten Attack of Cuteness Illustration by Ella of LaWhimsy

Harlequin Poppet and Seahorse-kitten Holiday Illustrations

A Harlequin Poppet I've been trying to up my illustration and drawing game by actually, you know, drawing more and these two delights are from the Mab Graves #mabsdrawingclub prompts for the holidays this year on Instagram. While I haven't completed every prompt (the week of Thanksgiving was hella busy)I have really enjoyed the ones… Continue reading Harlequin Poppet and Seahorse-kitten Holiday Illustrations

Musings and Mutterings

#ProjectPositive Rock Your Life Challenge

My Days 1 & 14 The lovely Anastasia did it again with this #ProjectPositive challenge - Rock Your Life! I fully and eagerly participated in this challenge just like I did in the last one (read about it here). Unlike last time which was fairly Twitter focused (for me anyway), this time around it was… Continue reading #ProjectPositive Rock Your Life Challenge