Seahorse Kitten Attack of Cuteness Illustration by Ella of LaWhimsy

Harlequin Poppet and Seahorse-kitten Holiday Illustrations

A Harlequin Poppet Ilustration by Ella of LaWhimsyA Harlequin Poppet

I’ve been trying to up my illustration and drawing game by actually, you know, drawing more and these two delights are from the Mab Graves #mabsdrawingclub prompts for the holidays this year on Instagram. While I haven’t completed every prompt (the week of Thanksgiving was hella busy)I have really enjoyed the ones I have done. My harlequin poppet is from the toys prompt and I actually was inspired by some doodles that were on the page in my sketch book (left by the always helpful gloryfic – go and check out her Keep Calm and Santa, btw, you’ll be super glad you did!).

Seahorse Kitten Attack of Cuteness Illustration by Ella of LaWhimsySeahorse Kitten Attack of Cuteness

This second one, my Seahorse-kitten was done for the Candy Cane Attack…of Cuteness (I added the cuteness part because, hello, how cute is this little one?!). I just sort of went for it and this darling was born. I really enjoy drawing and the flow it creates when I get going. My favorite tools so far have been pencils, colored pencils, and blenders – I seriously can’t get enough of the blenders!

I hope you enjoyed this little blast of holiday illustration happiness!

Namaste ~ Ella