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#ProjectPositive Rock Your Life Challenge

ProjectPositive collage 3 via LaWhimsyMy Days 1 & 14

The lovely Anastasia did it again with this #ProjectPositive challenge – Rock Your Life! I fully and eagerly participated in this challenge just like I did in the last one (read about it here). Unlike last time which was fairly Twitter focused (for me anyway), this time around it was Instagram orientated. It was a 14 day, Rock Your Life challenge that started on the first of the year, thus practically guaranteeing a positive, wonderful way to start 2015 off right.

ProjectPositive collage 1 via LaWhimsyDays 2 thru 7, in no particular order

I am such a huge fan of the whole #ProjectPositive movement, since I do feel like the world could use a dose of positive energy. I want to build people up, and be built up in-return and that’s exactly what this aims to do. The challenges add a special sort of focus and they provide a daily moment of self-reflection and appreciation. While I was making the collages for this re-cap, I was really moved by the sheer amount of wonderful, positivity I have going on in my life. I also totally enjoyed seeing what others were grateful for when I searched through the hashtag and I found some terrific people to follow.

ProjectPositive collage 2 via LaWhimsyDays 8 thru 13, also in no particular order.

While the challenge is “officially” over, it could be done at any time – seriously, if you didn’t do it, just follow the daily prompts and do it for yourself now. You’ll be so glad you did! Thank you again Anastasia!

Namaste ~ Ella

4 thoughts on “#ProjectPositive Rock Your Life Challenge”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this Ella! Your responses to the prompts have been fantastic and inspirational too, it’s wonderful to see such a community forming around #ProjectPositive! I’m truly grateful to have your support! ❤

    1. I’m really jived about the positive, and fantastic support and inspiration that is gathering around #ProjectPositive too & I am beyond thrilled at finding it (and you and your awesome blog)!

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