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Word Nerd: Cogitation

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Cogitation Word Nerd via LaWhimsyCogitation is one heck of a lot like contemplation, but with a more meditative and considerate bent. At least that’s how I like to view (and utilize) cogitation. When one is cogitating, they are engaging their faculty of thinking and of feeling. Deep thought is at it’s best when it is done with careful reflection and open awareness, and that’s exactly what I think cogitation represents (that and it’s always fantastic to have another word for deep thought or rumination!).

Cogitation contemplation via LaWhimsyQuiet twilight / hush of day / only nature sings and sways / deep in cogitation / my soul begins to weep / thinking of the moment / of what I know so deep / when did this begin / why must it end / what needs to break apart / what sin did I commit / It needs to be / of this I’m sure / time to let go / time to secure / my soul is free / my mind will be / the time is now / tomorrow I will not flee.  ~ Ella

Namaste ~ Ella

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