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Monday Mantra 41

Anaïs Nin Seeing quote Monday Mantra via LaWhimsyThis quote (which has been attributed to Anaïs Nin and also has been assigned a Talmudic origin) has a certain resonance in my soul, one that can clang about with all of the wild cacophony of a histrionic circus or ring with the sweet, lone clarity of a bell on a still night. It can be both mind-blowing and incredibly humbling to be reminded of how self-minded we, as individuals, can be. While this is not inherently a bad thing, it can certainly be detrimental in our understanding of, and compassion towards, others. To be fully and completely part of this world, and to live up to our own potentials we must continually remind ourselves that we do not see things as they are, but as we are. By doing this, by being mindful, present, and aware, we are more able to begin seeing things more as they truly are within the scope of what we are. It’s all a kaleidoscope, after all, and one that we can change the focus on each and everyday.
Namaste ~ Ella

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