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Word Nerd: Wangle

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Wangle Word Nerd via LaWhimsyTo wangle, or persuade, someone is to basically get your way or what you want. Usually wangle has a negative connotation, however, I think it can be a positive thing. I’m not a big one for trickery or deception, but I think that attempts to wangle with sweetness, positive persuasion or even witty cleverness are quite acceptable. Besides, the word wangle is so hilarious sounding, how could one not give way, at least a little, if one invokes it?

Quangle Wangle Edward Lear quote via LaWhimsyOh, yeah and then there is this delightful poem by Edward Lear (He of the runcible spoon!)…Enjoy!

Namaste ~ Ella

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~ The Word Nerd image is a detail from Venus is persuading Helen to love Paris by Angelica Kauffmann.


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