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My One Word is Gentle

One Little Word Gentle via LaWhimsyMy word for this year is gentle. Gentle is at the heart of my nature. The inherit path my soul takes. Gentle is something that I long for, and ultimately take strength from. Gentleness does not mean weakness. Gentleness does not mean being a push-over. Gentleness does not equal prudishness, ignorance, or feebleness. Being gentle means being compassionate, kind, tender, sympathetic, and benevolent. It means seeing lightness where darkness may be overpowering. It means seeking out goodness and being open to all. At least that is what gentle means to me. This can be a world where gentle is synonymous with weakness, where being gentle can be viewed with a sort of pity or disgust. The idea that if one is gentle they will never get anywhere or make anything of themselves is constantly in the air. It can be a challenge to those of us who have a more gentle nature to be okay with it, to allow ourselves to simply be gentle and listen to and act on our instincts. To acknowledge gentleness as strength. I am highly passionate, wildly sensitive, and can oftentimes become overwhelmed with life, especially when I am ignoring or attempting to overpower or hide my gentle. However, when I stop fighting my nature and allow myself to be gentle, then life falls into place somehow and everything seems to flow a little easier and feel a little brighter. This year I am focused on rediscovering my inner gentle and allowing it to flourish. No more pushing it aside or thinking there’s not a place for gentle, thus for me, in this world. Gentle is a source of power and gentle is what I am going to be.

EllaCoze via LaWhimsyPast new year guide words for me have included felicity and kaleidoscope and I am delighted to be adding gentle to the mix. How about you? What guide words have you used and what word will you be focusing on this year?

Namaste ~ Ella

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