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Monday Mantra 40

Hooray it's Today again Monday Mantra via LaWhimsy
A new year, a new month, a new week, a new day – each is a chance for a fresh start, a beginning, an adventure waiting to happen, a story starting to unfold. To live a life where each morning is greeted with a wide smile, open arms, and the excited feeling that, indeed, “Hooray it’s Today!”, that is bliss. That is the ideal, and it’s an ideal that is right within grasp. It’s simplicity is almost mind-boggling, it’s ease almost suspicious in it’s delicious glory. Children tend to do this naturally, yet somewhere along the way the elation of a new day, a new moment is lost, dimmed. I want to make this a year where I do awaken each day, giddy with all the possibilities that await me. How about you? Are you excited that it’s today, again?
Namaste ~ Ella

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