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A Month of Positivity with #ProjectPositive

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I absolutely adored participating in September’s #ProjectPositive challenge that the wonderful Anastasia Amour set up. I’m a generally positive person by nature, but finishing that simple sentence each day was a fantastic exercise in self-appreciation and it opened up some charming introspection. I’m almost bummed to see it come to an end, however, going back and re-reading my answers to place in this post (and write down in my journal) has been amazing. My heart is over-flowing with self-gratitude and I feel like I’m glowing with a  renewed self-assurance. I urge everyone to answer the questions for yourself – starting now (don’t fret about the dates, just do one a day) and to go and check out #ProjectPositive.

I posted all of these on my Twitter (you can see the original’s there with the hashtag, as well as many others)…

September 1 – I love my face because it’s uniquely mine; hazel eyes that change at whim, a quirky dimple and a faint, sweet scar or two!

September 2 – I love my body because it’s the amazingly complex and beautiful place my spirit experiences this life in!

September 3 – I’m a great friend because I will do anything to help comfort and take care of those I adore!

September 4 – The most valuable thing I’ve learned is life is filled with lots of gray but that’s due to the light keeping the dark away.

September 5 – When I look in the mirror, I see a happy, creative woman, who loves to giggle, sparkle and enjoy each moment of life!

September 6 – I think my best quality is my rather quirky mindset and the way it views and interprets the world around me!

September 7 – The 3 words I’d use to describe myself are gentle, vivacious, and whimsical!

September 8 – I’m great at my job because I do my best to stay informed, communicative and engaged with the project and people involved.

September 9 – I’m confident that I can follow the path my heart and soul lay before me, no matter how difficult or off-beat it may be!

September 10 – My friends and family say I’m bubbly, quirkily passionate, and creative (I asked, they answered)!

September 11 – I’m lucky to have so many things – love, family, friends, a deep inner guide, a zest for living, and a desire to learn!

September 12 –  I feel good about myself today because I want to. I don’t need a specific reason to feel good about being Me, I just do!

September 13 – You can always count on me for a colorfully abstract observation, viewpoint, or thought-process!

September 14 – My best physical feature is my bootie! My entire physical being is fairly spectacular though, if I do say so myself ( & I do)!

September 15 – The biggest thing I’ve overcome would be both depression and living with ADHD. I work with myself instead of against.

September 16 – What makes me happiest is being able to savor and share the simple everyday elegance’s that occur all the time.

September 17 – I contribute good to the world by spreading  joy & whimsy in little ways & by living in an Earth and Life friendly way!

September 18 – I’m surrounded by magic, miracles, joy, & love. Everyone is, it’s all about being aware & open to experiencing it!

September 19 – The biggest thing I’ve achieved is learning to live in the now (also getting my museum studies/history degree)!

September 20 – I love myself enough to deem my mind, body & soul worthy of respect, forgiveness, and adoration!

September 21 – I’m beautiful because of all that I comprise ~ The great, the odd, the kooky, the wonderful, & (hopefully) the wise!

September 22 – I’m proud of my flaws because by accepting & working with them, they’ve become endearing quirks instead of flaws.

September 23 – The best things in my life are the small, easily overlooked things & those I hold dearest to me ~ friends, family & pets!

September 24 – My hidden talent is in how my brain works in such a random, delightfully off-beat and creative sort of way!

September 25 – Today, I choose to celebrate the amazing people in my life, especially my bff/sis who is the embodiment of positivity!

September 26 – I’m a fantastic coddler because I love to take care of those that I love!

September 27 – My best personality trait is my whimsicality ~ it let’s me find beauty, adventure & delight in practically anything!

September 28 – Never again will I doubt my abilities!

September 29 – My life WILL be of my own making and design!

September 30 – I am ME ~ completely & unabashedly Me!

Please embrace Yourself & some positive vibes today & everyday with #ProjectPositive!

Namaste ~ Ella

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