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Word Nerd: Plumose

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Plumose Word Nerd via LaWhimsyPlumose, this is a rather romantic sounding descriptive, now isn’t it? I like this word and how it can be used to describe a feathery sort of texture – it doesn’t hurt that it’s also a biology term since I inexplicably tend to be drawn to them (oh, hello mycology, floromancy, and sylvan – to name a very few!). I’m imagining its almost romantic, poetic use now…”Her silk robe draped its self around her, it’s plumose tassels swaying in a seductive dance against her silken limbs…” or perhaps, “The plumose branches swung wildly in the storm, battering instead of  brushing my rain damp face.” or maybe, “The soft pampas grass seemed to have a gentle aura around it, as the golden plumose rippled and bobbed in the light, warm breeze.”.

plumose pampas via lawhimsyI think it’s fairly safe to say that plumose shall be used regularly in my whimsically poetic descriptions and observations from now on!

Namaste ~ Ella

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