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Word Nerd: Balneology

Now Balneology is a study I find completely fascinating. Water therapy is something I have naturally been drawn to (I'm sure being a Pisces doesn't hurt). Most of my balneology or balneotherapy information has come from self motivated research into Ayurvedic and holistic methodology. Both forms have bathing as a means of therapeutic activity designed… Continue reading Word Nerd: Balneology

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Word Nerd: Plumose

Plumose, this is a rather romantic sounding descriptive, now isn't it? I like this word and how it can be used to describe a feathery sort of texture - it doesn't hurt that it's also a biology term since I inexplicably tend to be drawn to them (oh, hello mycology, floromancy, and sylvan - to… Continue reading Word Nerd: Plumose