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Word Nerd : Aestival or Estival

Estival means of or pertaining to the summer and Aestival is a variant of estival. Estival and Aestival both derive from the Latin aestīv(us) (of summer). The 21st of June is the official start of the Summer season in the Eastern Hemisphere and what better way to mark it then by discovering the word Aestival?… Continue reading Word Nerd : Aestival or Estival

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Welcome Summer

Today, June 21, marks the longest day of the year and come rain or shine, it's also the brightest! Summer has never been my favorite season, but that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy it - or at least many of it's positive traits. You know, things like lazy, long afternoons, cute sandals and crop-tops… Continue reading Welcome Summer

Musings and Mutterings

Lazy Late Summer Days

*Just a wee sketch for the heck if it* I'm feeling quite lazy today. It's overcast in that watery, gray, heat-hazy sort of way, where the yellow sun peeks through here and there and raindrops fall in-between, yet it's not enough to break the humidity any. Instead of working, I'm giving myself permission to listen… Continue reading Lazy Late Summer Days

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Word Nerd : Hebetude

Hebetude, a term that can describe the state of being enervated, neatly sums up my current mental and physical state of being due to this dratted cold. My mind is on *durh* mode and I am feeling so listless. That does, unfortunately, mean that this Word Nerd shall be a bit hebetudinous in it form,… Continue reading Word Nerd : Hebetude


A Summer Cold

*The curse of allergies and summer colds...totally worth nature's beauty. Totally* Oh goodness. I have a cold - a summer cold. My head aches, my poor sinus cavities are paining and my body has an all-over blahness about it. The damp, overly warm, way too humid weather is helping none whatsoever and I swear I… Continue reading A Summer Cold

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Word Nerd : Liquescent

Melting by Michael Young Liquescent means becoming or apt to become liquid, or you know, melting. Ah, Summer - you tantalize us with your bright, cheery promises of sun filled days and warm, luscious weather canopied by thick, leafy greenness and the occasional rainy day. What you forget to tell us is that you can… Continue reading Word Nerd : Liquescent