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Word Nerd : Hebetude


hebetude attitude via LaWhimsyHebetude, a term that can describe the state of being enervated, neatly sums up my current mental and physical state of being due to this dratted cold. My mind is on *durh* mode and I am feeling so listless. That does, unfortunately, mean that this Word Nerd shall be a bit hebetudinous in it form, but hopefully I shall be forgiven. I mean, when one feels as thick-skulled and drearily lethargic as I do, even putting fingertips to keyboard feels like a herculean task – and that is hebetude at it’s worst!

hebetude phtot crop of a Saul Leiter image  via LaWhimsyI am off to curl up, zone out, rest up, and let the hebetude of this day have it’s way – may tomorrow be brighter and a little less feeble-witted!

Namaste ~ Ella

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