A Summer Cold

Days of Flowers by laurakashmir*The curse of allergies and summer colds…totally worth nature’s beauty. Totally*

Oh goodness. I have a cold – a summer cold. My head aches, my poor sinus cavities are paining and my body has an all-over blahness about it. The damp, overly warm, way too humid weather is helping none whatsoever and I swear I might just start whining uncontrollably any moment now…what?  Believe it or not I have been controlling my ‘woe is me’ attitude, really I have!  I’m actually not in a bad mood about it, per say. I have some books to read – specifically “Talking to the Dead” and “The Reluctant Spiritualist“. I’ve become quite curious about Spiritualism and it’s origins with The Fox sisters. I also really want to get a copy of “The Fasting Girl: A True Victorian Medical Mystery” about Mollie Fancher, another enigma of the Spiritualist movement. There is just something truly fascinating about the Spiritualist movement and I plan on delving in deeper then the basic knowledge I already have…however, I digress…

Summer Cold

As you can see, I’m all set and ready to rest this cold out. I have my books (as mentioned above), my MintedRose Rosebud balm (the mint is cooling which makes it perfect for hot weather, though I also have the original balm and the strawberry too, yum!), a light yet cozy blanket and plenty of tissues.

Albert Joseph Moore ‘Red Berries’ (detail) c.1884*Visual approximation of how I will spend my afternoon*

I am off to rest and I hope that everyone else stays healthy ans well!

Namaste ~ Ella