a kaleidoscope life collage by lawhimsy
Musings and Mutterings

A Kaleidoscope Life

All the colors Of the rainbow Hidden 'neath my skin Hearts have colors Don't we all know? Red runs through our veins Feel the fire burning up Inspire me with blood Of blue and green I have hope Inside is not a heart But a kaleidoscope Sara Bareilles - Kaleidoscope Heart Lyrics The word kaleidoscope… Continue reading A Kaleidoscope Life

Musings and Mutterings

Lazy Late Summer Days

*Just a wee sketch for the heck if it* I'm feeling quite lazy today. It's overcast in that watery, gray, heat-hazy sort of way, where the yellow sun peeks through here and there and raindrops fall in-between, yet it's not enough to break the humidity any. Instead of working, I'm giving myself permission to listen… Continue reading Lazy Late Summer Days