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Nictate Word Nerd via LaWhimsyNictate is the technical term used to describe the blinking or winking of one’s eye and I think it’s something of an interesting word. Wink, itself, is a delightful word since it hints at flirtation, insinuates a plot and is coyness at it’s finest.
nictate betty boop blink gif via lawhimsyThere is also a sentimental side to nictate, since it can also indicate a blink or blinking of the eyes, perhaps to hold back tears or to swallow back an overwhelming wash of emotions.
nictate ann blyth emotional blinkPoor Ann Blyth
Naturally, the eyes are one of the most expressive parts of us, a window to our very souls, that can so easily convey and betray our every emotion, thought, feeling. It only makes sense that there would be a technical term, like nictate, to describe one of it’s finest motions!
MOTU Adam Wink Nictate Gif via lawhimsyI hope you have a chance to nictate today – if only at your awesome self in the mirror!
Namaste ~ Ella

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