1925 ennui photograph detail
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Word Nerd : Ennui

Happy Word Nerd Wednesday ~ April Fools ~ It's actually Thursday, tee-hee! Okay, so I do April Fools jokes a wee bit differently than most, hope y'all had a chuckle! On to the show... Ennui (properly pronounced as änˈwē (I always hear Gaston from "Gigi" saying it, lol)) - now here's a word that seems… Continue reading Word Nerd : Ennui

Copacetic Word Nerd via LaWhimsy
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Word Nerd : Copacetic

Copacetic - now here's one unique word! Copacetic is a word (some would say slang word) of American origin and is rarely used even in the US today. I find it to be an interesting word, both in it's spelling and pronunciation and in it's hazy almost urban myth-sort of origin stories (popular attributions of… Continue reading Word Nerd : Copacetic

vernal word nerd via LaWhimsy
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Word Nerd : Vernal

The Vernal Equinox, or the very first day of Spring, is tomorrow and I know that I am more than ready to bid adieu to Winter and I have been longing for a fresh start and new season of growth. I cannot wait to see the vernal lushness of the landscape as the trees and… Continue reading Word Nerd : Vernal

Ambrosial Word Nerd via LaWhimsy
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Word Nerd : Ambrosial

Ambrosial, as one would easily guess, derives from the term ambrosia, which is the food of the gods in Greek mythos. I think that ambrosial is a particularly lovely word, both to say and spell, and I enjoy using to describe things well beyond the realm of food. It's just so enjoyable to utilize such… Continue reading Word Nerd : Ambrosial

Nictate Word Nerd via LaWhimsy
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Word Nerd : Nictate

Nictate is the technical term used to describe the blinking or winking of one's eye and I think it's something of an interesting word. Wink, itself, is a delightful word since it hints at flirtation, insinuates a plot and is coyness at it's finest. There is also a sentimental side to nictate, since it can… Continue reading Word Nerd : Nictate