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Word Nerd: Redolent

Redolent is a lovely word, one that evokes a rich sensory response. Scent is such a strong sense and the memories is can create and recall are as amazing as they are infinite. A redolent daze is lush, filled with a sort of other-worldly wonder and nostalgia. Redolent can be rich, melancholy, delightful, charming, almost… Continue reading Word Nerd: Redolent

Ambrosial Word Nerd via LaWhimsy
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Word Nerd : Ambrosial

Ambrosial, as one would easily guess, derives from the term ambrosia, which is the food of the gods in Greek mythos. I think that ambrosial is a particularly lovely word, both to say and spell, and I enjoy using to describe things well beyond the realm of food. It's just so enjoyable to utilize such… Continue reading Word Nerd : Ambrosial