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Word Nerd: Redolent

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Redolent Word Nerd via LaWhimsyRedolent is a lovely word, one that evokes a rich sensory response. Scent is such a strong sense and the memories is can create and recall are as amazing as they are infinite. A redolent daze is lush, filled with a sort of other-worldly wonder and nostalgia. Redolent can be rich, melancholy, delightful, charming, almost ambrosial.


How redolent is the soul of the rose, it’s very nature one that evokes and cajoles. Heady the scent, lush velvet petals unfold, hold in it’s vestige romance never old. Take in the wonder, oh that the past could be only alive, the prick of the thorns reminds that you thrive. Still you breath in the rose, grow ever close, and share a sigh, a silent, precious cry.  ~ Ella

Namaste ~ Ella

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