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Word Nerd : Ambrosial

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Ambrosial Word Nerd via LaWhimsyAmbrosial, as one would easily guess, derives from the term ambrosia, which is the food of the gods in Greek mythos. I think that ambrosial is a particularly lovely word, both to say and spell, and I enjoy using to describe things well beyond the realm of food. It’s just so enjoyable to utilize such a luscious word to elevate the wonders of everyday and our everyday motions.
ambrosial daily moments via LaWhimsyFor example (and to wax poetic), think about those lovely, ambrosial hours of the early morning, particularly in the Spring and Summer, when dawn is just breaking, the sky blooming into an amazing, breathtaking display of colors as the evening darkness gives way to the rising sun, the soft, heavenly scents of dew-touched greenery and the delighted chirping of the birds as they begin to sing the day’s praises.
ambrosial morning hours via lawhimsyAmbrosial scents, foods, sights, sounds and tactile pleasures are almost always right at our fingertips, and if one  thinks about them ambrosialy, well then, life takes on a certain charming elegance – even in the midst of everyday messes and chaos!
Namaste ~ Ella

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