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Women’s History Month

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March is Women’s History Month and, history nerd and woman that I am, Women’s History and the role, often keep quiet but always present, that women have played throughout history is of great interest to me. I’ve always been drawn to the women’s side of the story, and the role they played in forming history as we know (and don’t necessarily know) it.

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In so many ways, I feel a sort of kinship toward, and a protectiveness of, many women in history. Whether they be maligned queens, seemingly vicious  warriors, over-wrought mother’s, common whores, power-hungry rulers, ruthless leaders, or simply just the right women in the wrong time, I long to learn about them, hear them as they whisper, scream and share their stories, smell the lingering wisps of their long-ago perfumes, and provide them their rightful place in history alongside their male comrades.

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Perhaps I verge on the overly passionate when it comes to my adoration of Women’s History, but I don’t mind – in fact I thrive on it! What do you think about Women’s History?

Namaste ~ Ella

*I also happen to feel that a mention of the #readwomen2014 movement fits quite nicely here, don’t you?!

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