Hello March

Hello March via Lawhimsy

It’s March! It’s actually March! February seemed to last forever, despite it’s mere 28 days. I so love this month. It marks the end of Winter and the start of Spring. It holds promises in it’s cold, yet hints of warmth, days. My birthday is celebrated in all it’s St. Patrick’s Day glory, my youngest brother’s birthday falls in this month too, along with a few friend’s, so it’s a delightful party-filled time! I can feel the change in the air already, the seasonal shift has already begun, and I sense life in all the earth around me (though time-change will so throw my poor senses outta whack for a bit – ugh). Welcome March and Cheerful Hello’s once again!

Welcome March via LaWhimsyWho else is excited about this new month?

Namaste ~ Ella

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