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Word Nerd : Ennui

Word Nerd Header Apr 2016 via LaWhimsyHappy Word Nerd Wednesday ~ April Fools ~ It’s actually Thursday, tee-hee! Okay, so I do April Fools jokes a wee bit differently than most, hope y’all had a chuckle! On to the show…

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Ennui Word Nerd via LaWhimsy
Ennui (properly pronounced as änˈwē (I always hear Gaston from “Gigi” saying it, lol)) – now here’s a word that seems as out of place on a bright, beautiful Spring day as snow…and yet here it is (the word, not the snow, thank the good heavens!). I’ve always had a fond spot in my vocabulary for ennui – it’s just so effortlessly torpid, wearily chic and apathetically melancholy. Oh, and it should always be said with a perfectly placed, slightly indifferent, yet spirit-touched, sigh…”I’m filled with such ennui…”

gigi gaston filled with ennui via lawhimsyPoor Gaston, filled with such ennui

Ennui ~ It’s one of those words that can perfectly encapsulate that spiritless, bored feeling that everyone gets from time-to-time,  where everything appears dull, achingly predictable and you are just so over it all…you know, those teenager-type moods (that everyone feels, despite no longer being a teenager – we can all be drama queens sometimes. Yes, I said it!)

1925 ennui photograph detailNaturally, a true feeling of ennui should be seriously addressed and figured out, since depression is never anything to be taken lightly or with any ounce of shame. That said, ennui, for me, is more of a deliciously descriptive word that should be peppered about to add flavor to one’s everyday language. Otherwise, I’m afraid everyday speech would simply fill me with ennui

Here’s to a day with no actual ennui!


Namaste ~ Ella

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