Images, Musings and Mutterings


Gathering Leaves gifAutumn is waning in it’s fiery, faerie glory and my thoughts have been as scattered as the leaves that dance and skitter across the ground with the breeze. I swear my focus is as fleeting as a real squirrels – one minute here, another there, always darting about, never staying in one place for long. It’s not a bad thing, per say, and I am know for my delightfully characteristic spaciness (to put it kindly),  however with the holidays fast approaching (YAY!) and so many gifts I want to make, it can be a wee bit of a trial. Perhaps my focus will sharpen a bit if I give a more concerted effort to it and add in some much needed meditation. Until then, I shall give you this delightfully rambling peek at some of what’s been filling my time…

Clavicut haircut and styleA bit of a blurry photo, but as you can see I got myself a haircut – the clavicut to be precise and I absolutely adore it to pieces! I have had super long hair for, like, ever and ever and even though I adore long hair, I wanted a change. I have been wearing it both wavy (my natural texture) and straight and both are so chic!

Autumn Leaves by LaWhimsyWhenever I take Nelly out (which is, oh about 6 times or so a day) I always come back in with several gorgeous leaves, or a twig or rock or something that caught my fancy. These sweet little baskets that I have a really cute idea for are holding a few of my nature treasures and catching the bright, late afternoon sun.

Delicate Hand of MineI’m not a huge nail art gal, but I do paint my nails all the time and I was particularly smitten with this pale, autumn-like combo. Add a lovely book, a pair of delicate fingerless gloves and a vintage ring and you have yourself a dandy fine photo vignette, tee-hee!

PaperFox by oanabefortI have been playing with paper (as evidence shows here) and I quickly put together this darling fox from Oana Befort (download and instructions can be found here on One Sheepish Girl). It’s posing with even more of my leafy treasures – I just can’t help myself all of the leaves are so gorgeous and the colors make me swoon!

So there you have it, a bit of my sweetly scattered world. What is your world like?

Namaste ~ Ella