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Thanksgiving Mobile Centerpiece

Crush Thanksgiving Mobile CenterpieceCrush has done it again with their awesome selves, giving away free this month a fantastic Festive Fall Party Kit ! Naturally, I downloaded it right away and was struck with a creative itch like no other. Instead of using the darling garland as, well, garland (which would be totally adorbs and I might still be doing) I decided to make a Thanksgiving Mobile Centerpiece. What with table space being at a premium on such an occasion, I figured I might as well utilize a a different space for a lovely bit of festive decor!

Crush Festive Garland Mobile

I also wanted to incorporate nature into the decor equation and with a wee bit of ingenuity and a lot of glue and whimsy I made this! I think it’s rather darling and besides a mobile it also works quite nicely as a piece of wall art (I couldn’t get it to hold still to take decent pics, but the mobile effect is grand!). I made a slight tutorial to go with this, it’s not greatly detailed, but I think it might work to help anyone who’d like to give it a go for themselves.

Thanksgiving Mobile DIY TutorialThanksgiving Mobile Tutorial

Supplies: Crush November printout (or round garland of choice).  1 sheet of plain white paper. Felt in your choice of colors (I used 3 different ones). String or yarn and leather (faux leather) cord. Glue and scissors. A stick or branch. Bits of nature to add some flair such as feathers, pinecones, magnolia seed cones, etc. Embroidery floss in colors to match your felt. Jump rings.


  • Start by cutting out your garland circles and then make a matching circle from plain paper.
  • Trace the paper circle on your felt so that you have a matching number of felt circle to go with your garland circles. I used 3 different shades of felt so I had three circles in each color.
  • Cut 3 pieces of yarn/string to desired length (I just used the branch as my guide and cut when the yarn looked like the right length to me). Tie to branch in equal distances.
  • Lay out your circles along the cut pieces of yarn/string and decided the way you’d like them to hang. I have 3 on each piece of yarn and I alternated the patterns to my liking.
  • Sandwich the yarn/string between each of the circles of felt and garland and glue together.
  • Use the leather (or faux leather) cord to make a hanger by making a knot on each side of the branch (once again I eyeballed the length by using a foot long piece, tying one knot and then seeing how long I wanted the slack between the other knot to be.
  • Now you can leave it just like so or you can add some flair. I made 2 hanging pieces with magnolia seed cones and feathers that I wrapped with embroidery floss that matched my felt colors. I used jump rings to hang them from the branch (mostly because the gold adds a nice touch, I think. You could just as easily tie on what ever you desire).

Thanksgiving Mobile Centerpiece by LaWhimsyTa-Da! You have yourself a really neat piece of festive decor! I hope the tutorial was easy enough to follow (I know, more pictures would’ve been a good thing and the next time I try my hand at a tutorial I will do better in that regard!) and if you make one, I’d love to see it!

Namaste ~ Ella

BTW – I swear I am not stalking CRUSH. I really and truly just think they are all kinds of neat and besides,

I'm not a stalker

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    1. Thanks Erika! I actually chose the colors I did with the thought of being able to have it up year round in mind!

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