Word Nerd

It’s A Word Nerdiversary

Word Nerd Celebration

Wow! It was last year in October (the 8th and not the 23 like I originally thought, oops!) that I posted the first Word Nerd post and word ever – petrichor! I have had so much fun discovering and sharing unusual, beautiful and sometimes off-beat words. This is also the first true feature I’ve had on my blog and I’m just so happy about it. That might sound a bit odd, but it’s just so true. Having this feature made me feel a sort of obligation to keep something steady going on here and it’s been such a blessing!

Word Nerd Champagne Toast

While I have loved all the words I’ve used so far, a few of my current favorites would have to be (and in no particular order) Yugen, Noetic, Inamorata, Quaintrelle, Pizzazz, and Bibelot.

Word Nerd FavoritesFrom left clockwise – Yugen, Noetic, InamorataBibelot. Pizzazz,  and Quaintrelle,

I’m really looking forward to another year filled with Word Nerd wonders and adventures and I hope that everyone else is too! If you ever have any suggestions or recommendations just say the word (pardon the pun, tee-hee!) – I’m always open and eager for input!

Word Nerd Delight

Thank You to everyone who’s been tuning in and to all newcomers as well! Cheers!

Namaste ~ Ella

*Be sure to check out the Word Nerd Index for the full set of words (it’s updated weekly, though if you ever notice a word missing please let me know)!

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