What seems like an end is often a beginning life wisdom quote Monday Mantra 91 via lawhimsy
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Affirmation Mondays 91 ~ What Seems Like an End is Often a Beginning…

What seems like an end is often a beginning life wisdom quote Monday Mantra 91 via lawhimsy“What seems like an end is often a beginning.”~ Unknown

And so the year is coming to an end, wrapping itself up with a strange sort of rambly, yet all-together too fast sort of energy. The week between Christmas and New Years is often an odd-ball sort of one, almost out-of-time in it’s wacky, not quite celebratory, yet not quite back to life’s usual flow way. There is an eagerness to the air, a desire to shed the staleness of the old year and step into the bright, glowing promise of the new year. Some years it may feel more like moving out of a sort of too familiar comfort and into the stark newness of life, other years it’s leaving the tired and worn-out and going into something fresh. Whatever it is, it’s and end that leads to a beginning, and old and becomes new. The turning of the calendar, the chiming of a clock, the click of a cycle as it turns again. We are given new chances, beginnings, starts, and finishes constantly. Day in and day out, each minute of each hour, each turn of the seasons, each celebration of birth. Yet none seems quite as obvious, quite as drastically marked as that of an old year ending and a new year beginning. What seems like and end is often a beginning. May this end of the year mark the beginning of something wonderful for you!

Namaste ~ Ella

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