Musings and Mutterings

Playing Footsie

It’s been yet another hectic start to a new week and it felt like yet another, weird sort of three-day weekend since we were completely without water for all of Saturday.  I’m talking the entire town was dry since, due to the cold and snow, the electricity to the water supply was down. We’re still on a boil water alert and probably will be until tomorrow, but hey, I’m just glad it’s back, It’s one of those little things you use all the time and yet don’t take the time to appreciate until it’s just not there. A perfect lesson if ever there was one, to stop and be thankful for all those everyday sorts of things.

That said, you’re undoubtedly wondering – just what does this have to do with feet or shoes – and I’ll tell you…nothing. I just happened to have these two happy pics of my feet that I figured I’d share since I’m a bit *duh* feeling.

Here I am all cozy, comfy and toasty warm, showing off my favorite slippers (they were a gift and were from American Eagle), cute floral socks and the best pair of legwarmers ever!

These are my Tiptoe Glow Heel from ModCloth and I absolutely adore them to pieces! They remind me of my favorite pair of Jeffery Campbells  and that’s a very, very good thing! Oh, and aren’t those tights something else?!

So there you go, a rather gratuitous blog post about my feet, lol! Here’s to a Happy and Productive week!

Namaste ~ Ella