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Snowy Daze

Out the back window – you can’t even see the mountains!

As promised, a few of the snowy views from around my abode. Most of these images were snapped late on Thursday evening when the snow fell the heaviest. It was a wet snow, the kind with thick flakes that clump up and cause tree limbs and plants to bend and buckle underneath their weight. Never fear, however, we went out and brushed off as many of the trees in the yard as we could and we only lost a few, small peripheral branches that were bound to fall sooner or later, given any of Nature’s whims.


That’s the pear tree, being all white and sweet.


I was actually leaning out of the dinning room window so that I could get a shot of the ground that was still visable underneath the Magnolia – look at those flakes!


This was also me leaning out of the window. I think this side of the house is so pretty and the snow makes it magical!


Just a wee peak out the window over my bed. The Cherry Tree was all spidery-white.


The next day everything was clear and bright, and only the whiteness of the World gave a clue to the storm that happened merely hours before!

Namaste ~ Ella

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