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Word Nerd : Sesquipedalian

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My Sesquipedalian Ways…
I know I can be loquacious, sesquipedalian, if you will,
This can be exasperating, so I try to not abuse this skill.
So many choose to blankly stare or ignore my ways
When all I want is to discourse; engage in intelligent forays.
To stretch my mind for all it’s worth;
Encourage others in a new idea’s birth.
To debate and participate; to comprehend and grow;
To mature my mental state in all there is to know.
I wish that others would do this too
And not feel threatened as they seem to do.
For I am not an authority, nor the final word,
So for some to think that is really quite absurd.
Please do not neglect my queries, nor my somewhat verbose prose,
For, indeed, I seek but to learn and I truly hope this shows.
                                                                         ~ Ella
Truth be told, I fell in love with the word sesquipedalian long ago and I wrote this poem as a way to use it (plus it was a delightful exercise in what I felt to be humorous poetic phraseology ~ tee-hee!). Words are just so awesome and discovering, or re-discovering, them is always a treat. While I am certainly nowhere near as sesquipedalian in my writing style as I once was (those twelve dollar words score big-time in academic essays, no?) I still enjoy utilizing one seldom used or unique word here and there, scattered about like so many leaves upon a gentle breeze.
sesquipedalian word nerd via lawhimsyHere’s to an ineffable day!
Namaste ~ Ella
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