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Word Nerd: Efflorescence

Efflorescence is a beautiful word with an equally beautiful meaning - a state of flowering or blossoming. Here in the Northern Hemisphere we are in the heart of nature's efflorescence state, with flowers, trees, and earth all richly, fully, and headily in the bloom of life. Efflorescence can also be witnessed in life, with careers,… Continue reading Word Nerd: Efflorescence

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Word Nerd : Sesquipedalian

My Sesquipedalian Ways... I know I can be loquacious, sesquipedalian, if you will, This can be exasperating, so I try to not abuse this skill. So many choose to blankly stare or ignore my ways When all I want is to discourse; engage in intelligent forays. To stretch my mind for all it's worth; Encourage others in a… Continue reading Word Nerd : Sesquipedalian