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Word Nerd : Smaragdine

In light of St. Patrick's Day I figured that I would write a Word Nerd that related in one form or another. Smaragdine is perfect because what better way to share the love of the Irish then with a word that so ideally describes that magic Isle that is Ireland?! Of Faeries, folklore, myth and… Continue reading Word Nerd : Smaragdine

balderdash he always said. Balderdash. via lawhimsy
Word Nerd

Word Nerd : Balderdash

The words that fall from my lips are a muddled mess, and my brain is tumbled too so utter balderdash is all you'll get - this much I know is true... I absolutely adore using the word balderdash. It's always unexpected and it's just fun to throw about here and there in a conversation. There… Continue reading Word Nerd : Balderdash


Great Quotes ~ January 2013

Being the logophile that I am (Word Nerd is but one window into this), I don't just adore words but combinations of words that touch upon something that rings familiar and true to my soul...or much more simply put, I love quotes! I am constantly  writing down, pining, tumbling or, well, quoting quotes. A bit of… Continue reading Great Quotes ~ January 2013

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Creative ADHD

There I am, busy as can be creating away, maybe even humming a tune to myself as I work, when all of a sudden it hits. That feeling that starts as a little tickle in the back of my brain and quickly grows louder, more insistent - "Hurry up! Get this part done! The next… Continue reading Creative ADHD

Musings and Mutterings

The Joy of Reading

I absolutely, positively adore reading. Everything about the glorious pastime simply appeals to me. From the sensory experience of feeling the heft of the chose tome in my hands, to the soft whisper of the pages as I turn them, to that particular aroma that comes from the ink and glue and age of the… Continue reading The Joy of Reading