Great Quotes ~ January 2013

Being the logophile that I am (Word Nerd is but one window into this), I don’t just adore words but combinations of words that touch upon something that rings familiar and true to my soul…or much more simply put, I love quotes! I am constantly  writing down, pining, tumbling or, well, quoting quotes. A bit of wisdom, wit or a combination of both wrapped up in a delightful mouthful of words can be quite the tantalizing thing and the art that can come out of it, oh my. Please don’t even get me started on typography or we could be here all day and then some.

So many books, so many words, so many fonts, so little time…

Anyway, I thought that I’d start sharing more of my favorite quotes here and sharing my thoughts on them instead of just having them scattered about adding a bit of flair to other posts (that will naturally continue, but now they’ll also get some of the spotlight, instead of always being supporting cast).

First up is this beautiful saying from Proverbs (16:24 to be precise). Normally I don’t quote the Bible – not from a dislike of it, but more because I’m not personally religious like that (just saying). This, however, struck me as something so perfect and life affirmingly wise. Gracious words are so easy to say and share and yet it can be deceptively easy to fall out of practice in using them. This quote serves as a gentle reminder and it’s one I plan on keeping in sight so that I can strive to be more gracious with my words each and every day. I want to share gracious words freely and maybe be a bit of a sweet balm to all I know.

Namaste ~ Ella

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