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Creating My World

Visual approximation of how I spent my Winter break (at least in my head…)

It’s been quite the interesting holiday season and the subsequent Winter break that typically goes right along with it. I am actually ready for the new week to begin so that I can get my head back into my active creative space. I’m one of those unique souls who sorta needs that fresh start of a new week to get my schedule off to a decent start (seriously, Monday holidays are whack – give me a three-day weekend that starts with Friday instead, please – and several weeks of odd-ball scheduling, eek!). In this case, it’s not just a new week or even a new month – it’s a brand-spanking New Year! I have goals and a few resolution sort of things in mind (as previously mentioned in 2013 What To Do…) and those things go hand-in-hand with my creating and carving out my own sort of world as I wander my life’s path.

Of course, this world of my own making still exists in and with the world we all inhabit, it’s just that the way I see and process  is a bit different then the norm (as has been pointed out many a time and not always kindly – though I feel a bit sorry for those who feel the need to be so rude or mean). I readily and gladly embrace my own ways and I am getting into a head space that feels even more confidant and comfortable in sharing this world with all those who care to know me. 2013, look out, ’cause here I come!

Namaste ~ Ella

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