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2013 What to Do…

Oh, where will this path take me to now?

There is a brand new year laid out in front of me and I haven’t the faintest idea of where it may take me just yet. I do have some goals in mind – namely putting together a stronger portfolio of my work, taking more pictures, sharing more about myself here on the blog, making the blog an even more whimsical and enjoyable place to visit, etc.

Well, maybe not quite so dramatically whimsical…

Then there are the bit more daring (for me right now, at any rate) goals. Things like actually contacting fellow bloggers I admire, commenting more on other blogs, tackling the Illustration Stitch A Long (the first up is Edward Gorey and it’s quite intimidating), stretching my creative boundaries with new mediums and new ways to utilize old mediums – just to name a few.

Life is just so very much more livable and enjoyable that way.

With a fresh calendar at hand and so many possibilities ahead of me, I feel giddy, excited and just the slightest bit overwhelmed (that’s not a bad thing). Buckle-up and enjoy the adventure ~ Are you ready?

You’re darn skippy it will be ~ and a damn fine year too!

Namaste ~ Ella

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