Musings and Mutterings

The Joy of Reading

Girl Reading by Belafontesbunsa

I absolutely, positively adore reading. Everything about the glorious pastime simply appeals to me. From the sensory experience of feeling the heft of the chose tome in my hands, to the soft whisper of the pages as I turn them, to that particular aroma that comes from the ink and glue and age of the book.

How to Open a Book

It’s a heady experience, reading. It’s especially so when the story being shared is one that can completely transport you away and the sights and sounds of the World around you fade until they seemingly no longer exist and you are one with the story, characters and the World they belong to. To read is to move beyond yourself yet in yourself at the same time. The characters in my favorite books have become like dear, old friends whom I can visit again and again and in their stories and tales I find new insights and viewpoints each time I reread.

Ideal Bookshelf 353: Mostly Victorian Lit by Jane Mount

Reading is an escape, an adventure, a lesson and so much more and the books, themselves, are friends and I love how much they add to my living space and to my mental space.

I’m off to revisit a few old ‘friends’ -Happy Reading Everyone!

Namaste ~ Ella