December winterscape click and breathe centering meditation via Lawhimsy
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Welcome December and a Centering Meditation

Welcome December, the last month of the year. When time seems to wind down and speed up all at the same time. December means sparkles, Yuletide joy and holiday delights all around. It means shopping and baking and mixing and making. It means cold, mucky weather and dark, deepening nights. December is such a merry,… Continue reading Welcome December and a Centering Meditation

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Merry December

All is merry, all is bright, in this month of shortened light. Soon the season will turn again and Winter shall enter the Northern lands. Darkness falls, the chill runs through, all is slumbering, all seems still. The cracking trees, the icy lakes, the rustling leaves in Autumn's wake. Yet in this time, so bleak… Continue reading Merry December

Musings and Mutterings, Poetry

Hello December

December I like days with a snow-white collar, and nights when the moon is a silver dollar, and hills are filled with eiderdown stuffing and your breath makes smoke like an engine puffing. I like days when feathers are snowing, and all the eaves have petticoats showing, and the air is cold and the wires… Continue reading Hello December