December winterscape click and breathe centering meditation via Lawhimsy
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Welcome December and a Centering Meditation

Welcome December via LawhimsyWelcome December, the last month of the year. When time seems to wind down and speed up all at the same time. December means sparkles, Yuletide joy and holiday delights all around. It means shopping and baking and mixing and making. It means cold, mucky weather and dark, deepening nights. December is such a merry, cheerful month! It can also be a month where you can feel crazed and harried. It’s a perfect time for a centering meditation to help pull you back from the brink of madness and into your calm core. You’ve got this!

A Simple December Centering Meditation

  • Step aside, go somewhere quiet and calm. Put on headphones if you have them – if not, just having your speakers turned up a bit on your computer will work.
  • Click on the ‘Click & Breathe’ image below, close your eyes and rest yourself.*
  • Tune into your breathing. Breathe in and think “merry” then breathe out and think “bright”.
  • Allow your breathing to do what it wants. If your mind wanders, don’t fret, just let it go and tune back into your breathing.
  • At the end of 5 minutes 3 bells will chime. Take one more wonderful deep breath and think about what makes you the most happy, right here, right now. Feels pretty nice, doesn’t it!

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December winterscape click and breathe centering meditation via Lawhimsy Welcome December and remember, this month can be as beautiful and enjoyable as YOU want it to be. Just Breathe.

Namaste ~ Ella

*Music by Liquid Mind (Chuck Wild) ©2011 Gold Masque Music (ASCAP).

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