Musings and Mutterings, Poetry

Merry December

Hello December by LaWhimsyAll is merry, all is bright, in this month of shortened light. Soon the season will turn again and Winter shall enter the Northern lands. Darkness falls, the chill runs through, all is slumbering, all seems still. The cracking trees, the icy lakes, the rustling leaves in Autumn’s wake. Yet in this time, so bleak and cold, hope stirs and a light does glow. The stars shine brighter, glimmers of joy, a twinkling, bright internal strength to buoy. December is a month of extremes, yet one that overflows with dreams. Turning inward to share the divine, a time for peace, a time to in-twine. Merry December, Happy Yuletide, Joyeux Noel to all and to all a good time!

Namaste ~ Ella