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Word Nerd : Brumous

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brumous skyline via LaWhimsy“…and so another night gave way to a dark, brumous morning, where the mountains hid themselves amidst the low clouds and the stark outlines of the trees danced in the chill air.” ~ Ella

Friday marks the Winter Solstice and the turning of another season. I am ready for heavy, brumous nights and mornings, chill, crispy winter air, stark skylines and bare, bold mountains. I long for snowy days, or at the very least cold, rainy ones that are perfect for curling up with warm drinks, good books and cuddly animals. Winter is a time for rest and reflection and the stillness of Nature mirrors this perfectly (though if you take the time to stand still outside you’ll still notice Nature’s quieter movements and the life that still beats deep down). Winter can be a downer of a season at times, but I find it refreshing and magical in it’s own, cold, dreary right. Here’s to many a brumous day and night to make all those glorious Spring and Summer days to come all the brighter!

Namaste ~ Ella

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