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Seal Watercolor


Merry Monday everyone! I was inspired this morning (after getting a note from a very dear friend) to sketch out this little seal. I think he turned out rather sweetly.

Seal Sketch 1

Step one was a light pencil outline that I then filled in with a light watercolor pencil base in grey with a hint of pale green and a touch of blue.

Seal Sketch 2

I then added more detail and shading. I love to blend in colors and textures. Seriously, if I could I think I would spend all my time coloring in things. It’s so much fun! I could’ve left him at this point, since he does look rather cute, but I wanted to use a bit of water to further blend the colors.

Seal Sketch 3

Ta-Da, the finished seal! The water blending of the watercolor pencil really added a great touch. I think the color looks a bit reminiscent of sea-glass and since this is a water dwelling animal, it only seems fitting that water was used to help create him, don’t you think?

Here’s to a happy week!

Namaste ~ Ella

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