Musings and Mutterings

Misplaced But Lovely

Today was as mild and sodden as any late Spring day and the gentle air reached out to gently caress whatever it touched with it’s dewy mist. There was just one problem, and herein lies the rub – today was no May day! It’s January and smack dab in the middle of Winter. The air and temperature spoke of fresh, budding life, the land, however, was barren in it’s fallow hibernation. Everything was stark, bare bones and gray sleeping earth. The scent that should naturally accompany this sweet, mild weather was missing and off. Only the dullness and quiet mouldering of long fallen leaves and drooping, limp dead bits of plants hung in the thick air, with only the faintest hint of woodsmoke to tease the nose. Only a few days before all was as it should be – crisp, chill, crunchy underfoot and sharp to the senses and, no doubt, in a few more days it’ll be right back there. This, then, was a tease, a hint at the thawing Spring that lay in wait for it’s rightful turn and would not truly arrive for several weeks more. Days like this are as much a gift as they are a frustration, I know. It’s just that I like my seasons to be true to what they are and odd weather snaps confuse my sense of nature and befuddle my senses and even my spirits. I suppose it’s fitting, though, since Nature plays only by Her own rules and those are steady, but ever changing and only a glimpse of the largest picture of them all would give a hint to the true pattern that those rules play by. I shall simply have to give way to Nature and be thankful for the wonders it provides since getting frustrated or impatient does no good. Here’s to Winter’s hidden sleepy ways and to this unique glimpse of what’s to come!

Namaste ~ Ella