Musings and Mutterings

Making Lists

So here I am, one full(ish) week under my belt and another new one started and yet I still feel, I dunno, a bit off and at loose ends. I want to feel accomplished at the end of the day, even if I didn’t actually finish something, I’d be nice to think I’d done something – anything. Sure, I manage to do my daily ‘normal’ and that’s something, but it’s not enough. I need more and to that end, I think I need to start making a few lists. I love lists and how they give an air of organization and order to scattered thoughts and bits of inspiration. If left to it’s own devices, my hyper-active brain would never get anything done since something new and shiny always appears. A list provides concrete goals and crossing things off just feels good. Sure, shiny-object syndrome still plays an active roll, but with a list I have something to answer to, to pull my attentions back to center. Anyone else love to make lists?

Creative List Making, No?

Once I have a good list made, I’ll be able to get to work and I think my days will feel a bit more productive in the best of ways. Also, once I can get my hands on something with Instagram capabilities, I’ll be able to start sharing my accomplishments a bit easier and one heck of a lot more often. It’s not that my digital camera and I don’t get along, it’s just all the steps it takes to take the picture, upload it, edit it, etc. – it can just be a bit much at times. Soon, though, hopefully soon.

Until then, I’m off to start making those lists!

Namaste ~ Ella