Just Breathe

Beauty Breath

I absolutely adore this particular breathing exercise. While it's true that any sort of deep, steady breathing can, does and will relax, sooth, center, calm and detoxify, this one in particular struck a cord with me and I find myself stopping and practicing it several times a day. Perhaps it's the imagery of my breath… Continue reading Beauty Breath

Word Nerd

Word Nerd : Metanoia

Metanoia is a positive, life-affirming journey that from the offset may seem impossible, over-difficult and down-right frightening but to push through is to reach new, enlightening stages of existence. Isn't it part of our life's purpose to undergo various challenges, changes and stages of metanoia? To step outside your comfort zone, stretch yourself and see… Continue reading Word Nerd : Metanoia

Musings and Mutterings

The Scars are Worth It

Just a little something I was musing about. I found the first part of this saying while wandering about imgfav and it really struck a cord for me since I have quite a few scars (I am clumsy and whatnot and let's face it, life leaves us all with our share of mental ones) and… Continue reading The Scars are Worth It